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Norse Viking Titles gives you the opportunity to have the ancient named right to become a viking Jarl, Lord or Lady through sponsorship of 1 square foot of our land upon the mountain Vassfjellet overlooking the city of  Trondheim in Trøndelag.

Trondheim was created by the Viking King Olav Tryggvasson.

The land was once owned by Håkon Sigurdsson Ladejarl also known as Jarl Håkon born December ca. 935 , died February 995. He was Jarl of Norway and later became King of Norway from 970 to 995.

Håkon was the son of Sigurd Håkonsson Ladejarl of  Trøndelag, who was married to Tora Skagesdatter and became the father of Jarl Eirik and Jarl Svein . His reign coincided with the heyday of the charging Jarls in Norway in the latter half of the 10th century.

The northern lights are frequently seen above Vassfjellet dancing like they did over our ancestors.

Higeråsen - Trøndelag

Higeråsen has nice vantage towards Trondheim, Tiller and Melhus. About 300 meters northwest of the sign "Higeråsen" is what is known as The King Stone "Kongesteinen" which makes this a very special place indeed with a great historic significance.

Map Path to Higeråsen.png

The Norse Viking Titles Nature Pledge

Norse Viking Titles is committed to the preservation and protection of the land. By your sponsor and awarded title the land will remain in its natural state protected from deforestation and development. You will have the opportunity to visit the land and experience the tranquil nature and landscape unchanged from the ancient past.

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