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Jarl, Lord and Lady Titles

Jarl, Lord and Lady Titles

There are a limited number of titles available. 

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Norse Viking Titles gives you the opportunity have the ancient named right to become a viking Jarl, Lord or Lady through sponsorship of 1 square foot of our land upon the mountain Vassfjellet overlooking the city of Trondheim in Trøndelag - Norway. 


Each Title Pack Contains:


  • 1 square foot of land will be named after you upon the Mountain Vassfjellet – Norway once owned by Jarl Håkon also known as Håkon Sigurdsson Ladejarl of Trøndelag.


  • A personalized title certificate with your name or the name of the title holder.
  • A unique plot number that will be assigned to the title holder for their sponsorship.
  • Your digital title certificate will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • An electronic educational and cultural course on topics relating the history of the land and life in Viking times.


  • We will plant a tree in Iceland with every order in partnership with One Tree Planted. 


  • The right to visit Higeråsen any time you like. 


We encourage you to secure your title quickly, there are a limited number of titles available. Once they are gone, they are gone. 


The land was once owned by Håkon Sigurdsson Ladejarl also known as Jarl Håkon born December ca. 935 , died February 995. He was Jarl of Norway and later became King of Norway from 970 to 995.


We recommend that you join the Norse Viking Society. By becomming a member you will have the opportunity to be invited to Viking events where we can celebrate like we did in Viking times. The titles are decorative and you will be referred to as Jarl, Lord or Lady in our society. You can become a member here by clicking join. 


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